La Cantinetta - Dinner

a tiny introduction to the typical Italian dishes...


We offer shrimp, ham, salami, truffle, cheese, olives and other specialties and on the other hand you can get carpaccio, vitello tonnato, ham with melon or truffle with cheese.

You should absolutely try this at La Cantinetta!



Primi & Secondi piatti

As a Primi Piatti we recommend our home-made noodles. A delicious specialty in Wiesbaden with truffles (tartuffo), lobster or vegetarian fillings as well as seasonal ingredients.


Secondi Piatti are usually a meat, fish or poultry dish.

A recommended specialty of La Cantinetta is the Wagyu beef and our Argentinean Black Angus beef fillet.

Look forward to Tagliata di Manzo, our Tomahawk Steak, Dry Aged Beef or, if available, lobster and exquisite side dishes.

A culinary treat!

Dolci, Espresso, Ristretto, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino

FRejoice at the end of the evening over a homemade dessert. Tiramisu, various sorbets, panna cotta or delicious mousse varieties, truffles and sabayons combined with exotic fruits – just irresistible.

Ask for our dessert menu!

Or just get a nice Italian espresso or ristretto after your meal.

We also serve latte macchiato and cappuccino with original Italian selected beans.

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